Entrepreneur, Action & Ambition With Ben Sever, eRemede


Ben Sever developed a secure telehealth platform to empower the entire patient life cycle, From Intake Through Recovery.
Welcome to another episode of Action and Ambition. Ben Sever is a serial entrepreneur who founded eRemede, RJ Institute, and MVP ventures and served as their chairman and CEO. eRemede delivers a world-class platform that is practical and effective from the start with the help of a talent-rich team of venture capitalists: famous physicians, serial entrepreneurs, software sales leaders, Ivy League engineers, project management specialists, and military veterans operations experts. The team has a combined expertise of more than ten years in all parts of patient care, from general health to elective plastic surgery. Clients rely on ERemede’s adaptable technology to aggregate and deliver critical information via these five pillars: Instant Messaging, Notifications and Alerts, Instructions, Resource Library, Social Feed, and Appointments.
Tune in to find out more about this revolutionary healthcare.