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Eremede $1.55MM Raise

HealthTech app eRemede raised $1.55M from two investors in their latest seed round. The company, which initially focused on pre and post op surgery, from prescription reminders to HIPAA compliant messaging between doctors and patients, will use the funds to expand its reach to include data analytics and telehealth services.

Grit Daily caught up with eRemede founder Ben Sever to discuss the company’s next steps with this latest influx of capital. On the expansion in services, Sever says, “We kind of wanted to look at a more macro view, because obviously COVID put a lot of emphasis on front office of healthcare, which traditionally didn’t get much attention from technology or investors.” Despite the investors never having previously invested in the healthcare space, they trusted Sever’s entrepreneurial track record and decided to pull the trigger on funding.

The “lite” version of the application came to market last year, but as the code is already built out, the more expansive version will hit the market in the next 6-8 weeks. eRemede is building relationships with health systems around the country to provide HIPAA compliant telehealth services and data analytics which, Sever believes, will encourage doctors to adopt the latest best practices more quickly. The data analytics will allow health systems to see doctor to patient response rate, as well as prescription adherence for patients. Sever says, “It’ll be data analytics on both sides from an adherence level, and also a provider level so there’ll be accountability on both sides.”

The healthcare sectors that seek to gain the most from eRemede’s platform are those that are the most information heavy. Health systems can use the data to better understand patient outcomes across sectors. As of now, Sever believes that the technology will hit hardest in the orthopedic and cosmetic surgery realms, but he believes that cardiology and ophthalmology will be close behind in useful uptake of the technology.

The success of the enterprise is due in part to the fact that the entire eRemede team is certified in Agile, a collaborative project management ideology. Using the skills attained through their Scrum Master Certification, the team has collaborated with all relevant stakeholders in the development of the application to make sure that the finished product fits everyone’s needs. Leveraging his relationships with Moffitt Cancer Center, AdventHealth and the Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Heart Association, Sever says, “We actually built the tech in tandem with the leaders in the community, so it was a very collaborative, agile way of developing our software and ensuring that it’s not just our vision, but it’s a co creation—a vision with some of the thought leaders in the area.”

Research has shown that patients are most engaged with mobile-first platforms, and eRemede is available on iOS, Android, tablets and the web. Sever believes that eRemede is filling a gap in the healthcare space, and that providing better data analytics will allow for better health outcomes and lower costs across the board.