New health app offers robust patient privacy protection


A Tampa entrepreneur is rolling out a single suite of software to help the medical industry communicate with patients more easily and securely. The company, eRemede, is expecting to release its new app in about three to five weeks.

“We’ve built our platform … from the ground up with HIPAA-compliant protocols,” explains Ben Sever, eRemede’s CEO, referring to legal requirements protecting patients’ sensitive health information.

eRemede, which opened remotely in May 2019, is designed for enterprises. The app, to be available in the Apple store and Google Play, is targeting information-heavy specialties like plastic surgery and orthopedics. Costs range from $5,000 a year for a single office with 100 patients to $15,000 a year for a healthcare system serving thousands.

Available for use on cellphones, pads or tablets, and computers, the platform was refined with input from AdventHealth during a brief pilot last year.

“Our level of HIPAA-compliant security is as robust as an enterprise health system, such as BayCare and AdventHealth,” he explains.

eRemede is entering a market where health providers are piecing together software from different providers to digitize interchanges with patients, he notes.

By contrast, eRemede handles intake, notifications, instructions, HIPAA-compliant instant messaging, multi-media education resources and telehealth on a single platform.

“You get one application, one login,” he says.

Though originally contemplated as a patient engagement platform, it was expanded to include telehealth.

“In response to COVID we added in telehealth to provide the entire medical journey to patients on one platform,” he explains.

Sever, who earned his B.A. in Communications and Media Studies from Elon University in Elon, N.C., has been running remote teams for about a decade. 

eRemede has been participating in the Tampa Bay Wave accelerator program. Its advisory board includes representatives from the Wave, Synapse Florida, Elevate Inc., AdventHealth, and the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce. 

Ryan Budden, a tech mentor based in Nashville, is the company’s CTO.

eRemede has already raised some $1.55 million in seed funding, and is planning to start a second fund-raising round for around $4 million later this year. 

Currently operating with a staff of 15, eRemede is planning sales territories in Boston, Atlanta, Austin and San Francisco. By next summer, Sever anticipates hiring a national sales manager and about five national sales representatives.

His goal is to open a St. Petersburg office, perhaps in co-working space, in the first half of 2022. Sever expects to hire 10 to start at the St. Petersburg office, some with skills in UI/UX computer software design and others in account management.

“We’d like Tampa to remain the hub,” he says.