HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform

Patient Engagement For The Post-Covid World

eRemede, a HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform, is looking to streamline patient intake, communication and education for hospitals and clinics. eRemede (pronounced “E-remedy”) is a fully customizable platform that offers digitized patient intake forms, automated medical reminders, pre and post-op instructions, multimedia resource libraries, encrypted instant messaging, interactive PDFs and payment portals. For telehealth appointments, eRemede offers a HIPAA-compliant plug-in through Zoom. Founder Ben Sever says, “Look at us like the Salesforce of patient engagement.” The eRemede portal will launch in the next 5-7 weeks with a pilot program of 10 clients.


Back in 2019, Sever and his team saw a major shift in the medical field to mobile-first solutions and realized there was a big total adjustable market. They view themselves as disruptors of the industry, and work with hospitals and clinics to digitize their forms and empower real-time communication. Clinics do not need to shift to new forms and systems; eRemede works to digitize what they have already been using to make the digital transformation as seamless as possible.

Pre-pandemic, there were not a lot of mobile communications apps that hospitals were using, and getting the venture going before the pandemic hit was perfect timing. Coronavirus made telehealth appointments the norm, and forced people to receive medical information virtually. Sever wants eRemede to be a “single source of truth for medical information” for patients.

eRemede worked with Rhinoactive, whose clients include Bridgestone and 3M, to create the application, and the team consists of venture capitalists, enterprise technologists, entrepreneurs, Ivy League engineers and medical professionals.



To train nurses and clinicians on the use of this new software, eRemede offers clinical cohesion training. Sever believes that there needs to be a culture shift when asking employees to adopt new software to ensure optimal usage. Sever says, “We’re going to go in and not just do technical training, but we’re going to assign a director of clinical cohesion to actually be there on site and see how they actually interact with the patients as well. So it’ll be about a 2 month ongoing training and inclusion to ensure adoption post-implementation.”


Beta Testing

Sever and his team decided to test the application on a variety of doctors to ensure an ideal user experience. eRemede used their pilot clients’ feedback while developing the application. He says, “We wanted to be specialty-agnostic so we used a doctor from almost every specialty to help us create kind of a catch-all type user experience. We actually had our initial clients help built the pathway to functionality that would be suited to them.”


Sever says, “We want to become the single source of truth because there’s a lot of disparate information in the medical field, so whether it’s pre-op, post-op or someone just – a patient just wanting a real time interaction between their mobile device and then the clinic, it can be right in the palm of their hand.”