Phoenix Empowerment Fund

The Phoenix Empowerment Fund is Tampa’s premiere “Foundation for Innovation.” The founding team of the Phoenix Empowerment Fund have achieved business milestones within the most complex markets while also donating team, time, talent, technology and treasure.

The Phoenix is the universal symbol for resilience, fortitude and rebirth.
Empowerment is the foundation of the culture-centric shift that teams require and the best leaders provide.

During COVD-19; a time where the world seemed like it was burning and psychological safety was at its lowest, the Phoenix Empowerment Fund was not just founded, but rather rose from the ashes- The primary ability we wish to instill in others.

From idea through implementation, our accredited nonprofit social enterprise specialists go beyond assisting with turnkey fundraising events to creating year-round online marketplaces with omni-channel public relations and digital strategy to create predictable revenue streams. 

Social Entrepreneurship | Healthcare Research | Veteran Advocacy | Youth Empowerment | Artistic Acceleration